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You’re planning a trip to the Seychelles? Nature was very generous with these 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean and has spoiled them rotten. Undeniably, the beaches are the big attraction, and what beaches: exquisite ribbons of white sand lapped by topaz waters and backed by lush hills, big glacis boulders and nary a crowd in sight.



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Recommended Place to visit during your trip to the Seychelles



Morne Seychellois National Park


Morne Seychellois National Park


The magical Morne Seychellois National Park covers over twenty percent of Mahé and hosts the islands highest peak. The park covers an area of 30 km², and is home to thick tropical forests, coastal mangroves, unique flora and fauna and many species of wildlife. Established in 1979 to preserve and protect natural habitats, the park’s valleys still contains ruins of cinnamon distilleries that provide magical spaces to explore. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views whilst driving through, or better still explore the land on foot via a network of hiking trails.


St Anne National Marine Park


St Anne National Marine Park


Located about 5 kilometres off the coast of Victoria, the St Anne National Marine Park is home to around 150 species of marine wildlife. Designated as a protected area in 1973, the park encompasses six small islands that teem with vibrant shoals of fish and colourful corals. Visitors can sail the crystal clear waters aboard a glass bottomed boat, or slip on snorkels and flippers for an unforgettable underwater experience.


Aldabra Atoll Seychelles


Adalbra Atoll Seychelles


Located in the Indian Ocean, the Aldabra Atoll is an outstanding example of a raised coral atoll. Due to its remoteness and inaccessibility, the atoll has remained largely untouched by humans for the majority of its existence.  Aldabra is one of the largest atolls in the world, and contains one of the most important natural habitats for studying evolutionary and ecological processes. It is home to the largest giant tortoise population in the world. The richness and diversity of the ocean and landscapes result in an array of colours and formations that contribute to the atoll's scenic and aesthetic appeal.


Vallée de Mai


Vallee de Mai Seychelles


Vallée de Mai was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983. Located in a secluded valley in the heart of Praslin, the nature reserve provides sanctuary to a dense forest of Coco de Mer palm trees, some of whom are more than 200 years old and 30 metres high. The valley offers visitors an extraordinary slice of Eden that illustrates how some of our natural world once looked. Rambling trails take the wanderer into a magical world of towering canopies, roaring waterfalls, fragrant vanilla orchids and abundant wildlife.


Curieuse Island Marine National Park


curieuse island seychelles


Curieuse Island is a small granitic island (1.78 sq mi) in the Seychelles close to the north coast of the island of Praslin. Curieuse is notable for its bare red earth intermingled with the unique Coco de Mer palms, one of the cultural icons of the Seychelles, only being present on the two islands.



La Digue


La Digue


Sun worshippers adore La Digue, a tranquil island where ox-carts replace cars and time slows to a gentle pace. A picture perfect tropical paradise, La Digue is home to Anse Source D’Argent, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. With its granite boulders, white sands, palm fringes and turquoise waters it is easy to see how this spectacular spot became an all time favourite for film makers and photographers. Diving, snorkelling or fishing are all popular pastimes here, whilst alternatively after lazing on the island’s shores, visitors can set off for a hike through the Veuve Nature Reserve or take a trip to the fascinating L’Union Coconut Plantation,


Shark Bank


Shark Bank


For an adventurous exploration of its underwater world, divers should head to Shark Bank, one of Seychelles premier dive spots. Situated in between Mahé and Silhouette the site is comprised of a number of granite rocks that tower over the sandy floor and teem with ocean life. Coral colonies bloom from crevices, and divers can enjoy spectacular encounters with an array of creatures including turtles, giant barracuda’s, eagle rays and of course, sharks.



Anse Source d'argent beach la Digue


Anse Source d'argent


Anse Source d'Argent is considered to be one of the most popular beaches of the 115 islands found on Seychelles, with pink sands offset by towering granite boulders that have been worn by time and weather. The ocean here is sheltered by a reef, providing calm and clear sea water that make a perfect playground for all the travelers. Most will find it hard to tear themselves apart from the lovely seclusion of Anse Source d'Argent, but the island is ripe for exploring, with rows of beaches and craggy nooks.



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