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Photo Contest in Seychelles - don't forget your camera on your trip to Seychelles you may be able to catch the perfect moment and be the one that bring the best Seychelles Photography .


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Photo Contest in Seychelles

Photo Contest seychelles


Capturing our world through brilliant imagery, Seychelles Travel Guide sets the standard for photographic excellence and it start in your own eyes. Thank you for sharing your vision of the Seychelles island.


Photo contest


The 2012 Grand Prize Winner will be listed on a blog dedicated to photoshooting in Seychelles for the top 10 most beautiful Seychelles Photography in the World —To participate you only have to send us your best photos and the Contest is open to locals and Foreigner.


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Keep an eye on Seychelles Travel Guide for details on 2013’s contest, to be posted .


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